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Sweet Habanero Chili

Sweet Habanero Chili

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Captivating Sweetness and Subtle Spicy

Rediscover the classic sweet chili sauce with our Sweet Habanero Chili, a reinvented version that highlights fresh chilies from our farm. This creation harmoniously combines the fruity sweetness of habanero without having the burning intensity. A sweet, tangy and slightly spicy sauce that will delight your taste buds!


Organic cane sugar, fresh sweet peppers from Quebec, fresh hot peppers from Quebec, apple cider vinegar, wild long pepper from Quebec

Paring Suggestions

Whether to enhance your stir-fries, grilled vegetables, meats, fish, pizzas or as a dipping sauce for your dumplings, SWEET CHILI HABANERO will bring a new and captivating taste dimension to your favorite dishes!

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Directly from our land to your table, savor the authenticity of TABARNASCO!

Each drop is an explosion of flavors, reflecting the excellence of our premium hot sauces, grown with respect for sustainable agriculture on our Quebec farm. Composed exclusively of fresh and fermented ingredients, without additives or added water, our sauces offer an incomparable taste experience.