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DIABLO-Alder Pepper

DIABLO-Alder Pepper

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Wild Call Boreal

Explore the depths of boreal flavors with our DIABLO-POIVRE DES DUNES, a sauce that captures the wild essence of Quebec forests. Infused with green alder buds, known as dune pepper in Quebec, as well as maple and birch syrup, fresh tomatoes and hot peppers from our farm, this creation is a true ode to nature.

Let yourself be transported by this unique sauce, where each drop is an invitation to rediscover the authentic and powerful flavors of Quebec.


Fresh hot peppers from Quebec, apple cider vinegar, maple syrup from Quebec, birch syrup from Quebec, fresh tomatoes from Quebec, fresh aronia berry from Quebec, fresh garlic from Quebec, sea salt, flower powder garlic from Quebec, long pepper from Quebec.

Paring Suggestions

DIABLO-POIVRE DES DUNES is the perfect ally to enrich any dish with its umami complexity and controlled heat. It goes wonderfully with your preparations requiring extra flavor or spice, transforming everyday meals into unforgettable taste adventures.

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Directly from our land to your table, savor the authenticity of TABARNASCO!

Each drop is an explosion of flavors, reflecting the excellence of our premium hot sauces, grown with respect for sustainable agriculture on our Quebec farm. Composed exclusively of fresh and fermented ingredients, without additives or added water, our sauces offer an incomparable taste experience.

Customer Reviews

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Wild flavour

This sauce is a true ode to nature, inviting you to rediscover Quebec's authentic flavors. Its umami complexity and controlled heat make it perfect for enhancing any dish, transforming everyday meals into unforgettable culinary adventures. Loved it on my lentil soups and curries.