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Habanero & Sea Buckthorn

Habanero & Sea Buckthorn

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– This sauce is a quick evolution in heat from previous sauces, there was a time when we considered habanero peppers to be very spicy but since growing chili peppers we have learned that they become much hotter. We discovered that Quebec sea buckthorn was the perfect fruity-sour punch that could stand up to the direct, fruity heat of habanero.


– Fresh Quebec peppers, apple cider vinegar, fresh Quebec sea buckthorn, sea salt

Paring Suggestions

Fresh sea buckthorn adds a superfruity touch to this medium-spicy sauce. Enjoy this sauce in your favorite seafood, chicken or vegetable dish for a little extra. This sauce goes perfectly with many curries and chutneys.

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Directly from our land to your table, savor the authenticity of TABARNASCO!

Each drop is an explosion of flavors, reflecting the excellence of our premium hot sauces, grown with respect for sustainable agriculture on our Quebec farm. Composed exclusively of fresh and fermented ingredients, without additives or added water, our sauces offer an incomparable taste experience.

Customer Reviews

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jean r.p.
Meilleure sauce piquantes au Québec

Sauce d'excellentes qualitées. Le goût est unique et ont goûtent la fraîcheur des ingrédients. J’adore tout les sauce de Tabarnasco et j’attend avec impatience les saveurs à venir

Fiery Fusion

An intense upgrade from traditional hot sauces, this blend features Quebec-grown habanero peppers for a fiery kick. The addition of Quebec sea buckthorn brings a tart, fruity flavor that complements the habanero heat perfectly. Made with fresh Quebec peppers, sea buckthorn, apple cider vinegar, and sea salt, this sauce is a flavorful and fiery delight.