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Montreal Steak Spice

Montreal Steak Spice

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The flavors of Montreal reinvented

Discover our version of the classic flavors of Montreal, where Quebec farms unite with the boreal forest. This unique sauce fuses fresh Quebec products with wild spices for an unparalleled taste experience. The addition of wild horseradish root and long Gaspé pepper enriches each dish with a distinctive and unforgettable flavor.

Immerse yourself in the culinary soul of Montreal with our sauce, and let yourself be transported by its unique and bold flavors.


Fresh tomatoes from Quebec, ACV, organic cane sugar, fresh hot peppers from Quebec, fresh garlic from Quebec, fresh wild horseradish from Quebec, tomato paste (tomatoes), pink salt, paprika, peppercorns, dried peppers, seeds of coriander, fresh dill, long pepper (dune pepper), cold-pressed avocado oil, xanthan gum

Paring Suggestions

Perfect as a marinade or accompanying sauce, our sauce enhances your grilled meats, roasted vegetables, tempeh or seitan. It brings an authentic Montreal touch to your favorite dishes, transforming each meal into a special occasion.

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Directly from our land to your table, savor the authenticity of TABARNASCO!

Each drop is an explosion of flavors, reflecting the excellence of our premium hot sauces, grown with respect for sustainable agriculture on our Quebec farm. Composed exclusively of fresh and fermented ingredients, without additives or added water, our sauces offer an incomparable taste experience.

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À savourer nature ou en trempette avec de la mayo!

Merci Evelyne pour votre commentaire :)